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Yes! They are 100% organic and are naturally hypoallergenic. 


Only one non-toxic chemical is used in the closed-loop manufacturing process of Tencel, with zero herbicides or pesticides. This is compared to dozens of herbicides and pesticides to produce cotton, plus up to 2,000 toxic chemicals in the preparation, dying and finished of cotton bedding products.


That’s what makes Tencel such an incredible environmentally friendly choice for your bedding.


Make sure that you buy from a certified supplier, like Ethical Bedding Company, to avoid any unexpected nasties in your sheets or pillowcases. Cheaper suppliers use toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process, but also may source their Eucalyptus from ancient forests (as opposed to sustainable, well-governed farms) which would damage the wildlife and natural inhabitants.


Shop Ethical Bedding’s hypoallergenic pillow protectors


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