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Benefits of Natural Bamboo Pillows


For many people, getting consistently good sleep feels like a distant dream, whether it’s uncomfortable bedding, a sore neck, or simply a case of struggling to get cosy. However, this needn’t be the case, and choosing the right pillow can have a huge impact on the quality of your rest. That’s where bamboo pillows come in…

Bamboo bedding is an exceptional addition to your bedroom, with this popular fabric widely considered to be among the best for nightly comfort. But if you need a little more convincing, just read on to find out the benefits of choosing bamboo pillows. 

What is a bamboo pillow?

Before we delve into the benefits and reasons why you might choose bamboo pillows when buying your next bedding bundle, it’s important to understand what a bamboo pillow actually is.

At Ethical Bedding, our bamboo pillows are soft and supportive, and filled with an extra-fluffy blend of bamboo fibres and recycled plastic. Meanwhile, the outer shell is a breathable, soft, and earth-friendly eucalyptus fabric that’s often likened to silk, with both inside and out combining to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. 

What are the advantages of choosing bamboo pillows?

Bamboo has become a popular bedding fabric, but what exactly are the key advantages to choosing pillows made from this fast-growing fibre?

1. Eco-friendly

One of the main benefits of choosing bamboo products is their eco-friendly manufacturing process. An adaptable fast-growing plant that can grow in almost any condition (hot, cold, wet, or dry), bamboo is abundant and sustainable. And it conveniently just regrows from its own roots, so can be replenished with ease, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious buyers. 

In addition, bamboo is completely biodegradable, meaning you can eventually discard your natural pillows without worrying about your long-term impact on the planet. 

2. Great for all kinds of sleepers

Because bamboo is naturally supportive (and softening where needed), it suits all kinds of sleepers, whether you rest on your front, back, or side. However, for the perfect fit, we’d suggest choosing a soft/medium firmness if you sleep on your back, and a medium/firm pillow if you’re a side sleeper. 

The unique filling can often be adjusted to conform to your head and suit your position and needs, to give you complete pillow comfort. This is especially useful if you’ve suffered from persistent neck or back pain and refuse to struggle any longer. In fact, at Ethical Bedding, our bamboo pillows have been osteopath approved, and are regularly recommended to patients in need of a sleeping solution. 

3. Antimicrobial 

The antimicrobial properties of bamboo fibres mean your natural bamboo pillows stay cleaner than other popular fabrics – and for longer. This is because they don’t allow bacteria to grow and survive on the surfaces, which also improves general bedding hygiene. 

4. Naturally hypoallergenic

Another popular reason to opt for bamboo bedding is the material’s naturally hypoallergenic properties, which means the fibres are resistant to common allergens like dust, mites, pet dander, and mould. This makes bamboo ideal if you’re styling an allergy-free bedroom

Since very little can survive on the surface of your natural bamboo pillows, they’re ideal for anyone worried about allergies or night time sneezing – especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma.

5. Easy to wash

Requiring less frequent washing than cotton bedding, bamboo pillows are effortlessly easy to keep clean. We’d suggest washing your pillows on a cool cycle with your favourite eco-friendly detergent at least every six months, making sure to avoid bleach, and air drying. 

6. Breathable

Natural fibres are typically more breathable and cooling than synthetic alternatives, and bamboo is no different. In fact, bamboo fibres are among the best for breathability and temperature-regulation, which makes it easier for you to get cool and comfortable and night, so you can peacefully settle down for well-deserved uninterrupted sleep. Our 300 thread count pillows are ideal in all conditions, meaning you can get cosy whether it’s the middle of summer or deep winter. 

7. Moisture wicking 

Just as bamboo pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, they’re equally effective at wicking sweat and moisture. This keeps you cooler and more comfortable at night, including during the warmer months. 

For even more information about the moisture wicking properties of bamboo, read our guide on the best bedding for night sweats.

8. Durable

A solid and hardwearing fabric, bamboo pillows are known for being extremely durable and long-lasting. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the comfortable benefits for longer, with bamboo typically proving to be a worthy bedding investment

9. Easy to travel with

Filled with an extra-fluffy fibre blend, our Ethical Bedding bamboo pillows serve as excellent travel companions. Whether you’re a dozy road trip passenger or just taking a quick power nap before your next leg of the motorway, don’t forget to pack your pillow. 

10. No harmful chemicals

As well as being naturally cooling, cosy, and completely comfortable, natural bamboo bedding is also typically free of any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. This means your pillows are healthier and safer for your skin and long-term health, and you know your bedding choices aren’t contributing to toxic environmental damage. 

At Ethical Bedding, all of our bamboo pillows are woven from Oeko-Tex certified fibres, which means they’ve been rigorously tested for harmful substances.

Are there any drawbacks to bamboo pillows?

We’ve looked at the benefits, but are there any drawbacks to buying bamboo pillows? 

It’s a weighty material

What you may not realise before buying new bedding is that bamboo pillows are a little weightier than traditional alternatives. However, this doesn’t make them any less comfortable, and the pillow will naturally conform to your head for complete support as you sleep.

It may take time to adjust

While they’re soft and cosy to sleep on, because bamboo is a relatively weighty fibre, it can take a little time to get used to the new shape and feel. However, we’re confident that once you’ve adjusted, you’ll wonder how you ever coped before!

Not all bamboo pillows are machine washable

Although you can put your Ethical Bedding pillows in the washing machine, not all bamboo pillows react well to a cycle. In these cases, the filling might begin to break down over time, which can impact the overall durability. With this in mind, before investing, make sure to research how easy it is to wash your pillows. 

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Are bamboo pillows worth it?

With so many benefits attributed to bamboo, it’s hard to view the fabric as anything but exceptional. Not only are natural bamboo pillows comfortable, cooling, and durable, but the manufacturing process is also far more environmentally friendly than that required to produce cotton alternatives. And let’s not forget that every type of sleeper can benefit from the neck and back support they offer. 

With all of this in mind, explore our bestselling bamboo bedding for yourself, or discover even more insight from our sleep experts over on the Ethical Bedding blog.


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