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Benefits of an Organic Mattress


Environmentally friendly purchases have grown in popularity in recent years, with sustainable bedding an excellent example. But while you might be aware of the advantages of eco duvets, bed sheets, and pillows, there’s a long list of benefits of choosing an organic mattress, too. 

In this article, we’ve explained exactly what an organic mattress is – and how they differ to regular alternatives – and delved into the advantages of choosing a sustainable sleeping solution. 

What is an organic mattress?

The main difference between an organic mattress and a conventional mattress is the materials they’re made from. While a common mattress uses harsh chemical processes within manufacturing, a sustainable mattress avoids contact with toxicity and added chemicals entirely. This can make eco-friendly beds a little more expensive, but with each passing night you’ll be sure to recognise the value and long-term benefits. 

When buying new bedding, though, be aware of brands who only offer ‘natural mattresses’, as these might not necessarily be certified as organic. Instead, they may just include fewer synthetic materials than conventional alternatives. While an improvement on regular bedding, you’re not getting a fully organic product unless it’s accredited. 

Why pick a sustainable mattress?

There are many reasons to choose an eco-mattress, from an environmental, practical, and physical health perspective. We’ve outlined the top advantages of organic bedding, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your next mattress. 

1. Non-toxic & chemical-free

When you think of the word organic, your mind likely leaps to thoughts of fruit and vegetables grown without exposure to harmful chemicals. Well, the same applies to organic bedding, with eco-mattresses free of toxicity and damaging materials. 

While there are natural chemicals added to natural bedding to improve luxurious softness and comfort, they’re harmless to humans and don’t negatively impact the environment. On top of this, just like your favourite organic foods, the fibres used to make eco-bedding aren’t exposed to pesticides or insecticides at any stage of production.

2. Conserves the environment

Because of the nature of the materials used to manufacture each mattress, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re making a sustainable decision when you go organic – including when the time finally comes to swapping it out for a new one. 

What you may not realise about regular mattresses is just how harmful they can be to the world’s eco-systems once they’ve run their course and been discarded. In fact, a regular mattress can take anywhere between 80-120 years to fully decompose. Organic alternatives, on the other hand, will either be fully biodegradable, and break down within just a few years, or include fully recyclable materials that can be reused rather than damaging the earth. 

3. Durable

Made with high-quality materials, an organic mattress is both lost-lasting and durable and should stay in an excellent condition for many years. In fact, an eco-mattress can last for up to 25 years, compared to the 10–15-year lifespan of a regular mattress. The long-lasting nature of an eco-mattress can make them a more expensive option, but then you can forget about buying a new bed for the best part of a generation! 

Top tip: To further extend the life of your mattress, why not consider a bespoke mattress protector?

4. Supportive

One benefit of organic mattresses that you may be surprised to learn is that they’re typically much more supportive than non-eco variations. In fact, they’re designed to conform to your body shape and evenly distribute pressure, offering feelings of weightlessness as you drift off. This means you’ll never need to adjust your sleeping position to suit your mattress; it’ll do the hard work for you! 

Top tip: Natural fillings may begin to settle over time, so, to ensure your sustainable mattress offers great support for as long as possible, it’s often recommended that you turn it at regular intervals. Typically, every two weeks for the first few months, and then every 3-6 months. 

5. Better sleep

The overall comfort of a mattress is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing between different options. After all, you spend roughly a third of your life in bed, so you shouldn’t settle for second best. Fortunately, because organic mattresses naturally conform to your body and respond to motion, they offer exceptional comfort all night long, and guarantee a better sleep.

6. Hypoallergenic

If you’re someone who suffers from respiratory issues, itching, or allergies, or you’re just a regular sniffler and sneezer, an organic mattress might be just what you need to enjoy an uninterrupted and comfortable night’s sleep. Made using wholly natural ingredients, and free of any toxic or harmful chemicals, an eco-mattress is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust, mites, and mould. 

7. Easy cleaning

Another practical advantage of sleeping on an organic mattress is its easy-clean properties that contribute to its long-lasting durability. Because they don’t harbour allergens like dust, mites, and mould, and are resistant to harmful bacteria, the cleaning process doesn’t place as much of a heavy strain on an eco-mattress. 

We still recommend regularly cleaning your organic and chemical-free mattress, typically every six months (unless you spill or stain), but you should find the process that little bit more straightforward.

Important: Make sure to check the label before cleaning your mattress. Because it’s made from all-natural products, using a vacuum or certain detergents may damage the quality.  

8. Excellent temperature regulation

The temperature of your bedding can play a big part in the quality and consistency of your sleep, so it’s essential to have a mattress that effectively keeps you cool and comfortable. After all, there’s little worse than losing sleep to night sweats

Fortunately, organic mattresses are made using materials that are naturally heat regulating, meaning you’ll remain cosy and snug no matter the temperature or time of year – even on the warmest summer evenings or coldest winter nights. Put simply: organic bedding never gets too hot or cold and makes the perfect sleeping companion all year round. 

9. Naturally fire-resistant

Of course, we all hope to never encounter flames in the bedroom, but it’s nice to know your mattress is fire-resistant should the occasion arise. Fortunately, organic mattresses are typically designed to be non-flammable or combustible, while the methods used to ensure this are non-toxic and free of carcinogenic substances. 

10. A smart investment

We’ve run through a few examples of how a non-toxic mattress offers great value for money, but we thought it deserved its own section! It’s no secret that an eco-friendly mattress is more expensive than a conventional one, but they’re still an excellent investment if you can afford the cost. 

Not only are they better-lasting and durable, but the comfort is unparalleled, and you can enjoy the hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating, and physical health benefits each time you slip under the covers. You’ll soon start to wonder how you ever coped without!

Ethical Bedding’s luxury eco-mattress

At Ethical Bedding, we’ve developed our own range of accredited luxury organic mattresses, suitable for all bed sizes, from single and double through to super king and emperor. Engineered to offer quality sleep, each mattress is manufactured using recycled or recyclable materials, according to an innovative formula, including:

  • Recycled polyester: this is sourced from plastic that was otherwise at high-risk of ending up in the ocean. It’s collected by hand in countries with little or no formal recycling systems. 
  • Corn-based polyester: this is a soft and comfortable plant-based material that will naturally degrade without leaving microplastics. 
  • Bamboo: this is a hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating alternative to cotton. 
  • Organic flax, hemp, and cotton: our unique blend provides great support, and is wholly recyclable. 
  • Recycled denim: recovering the material from pre-loved clothes provides a soft and comfortable layer within each mattress. 
  • Coconut: these fibres are durable, naturally springy, and moisture-absorbing, which helps to prevent overheating and increase comfort. 
ethical beddings luxcore mattress

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Choosing a new mattress is an important decision, and one you certainly shouldn’t rush into. After all, you’re hopefully going to have it for many years to come.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the benefits of organic mattresses, our team of sleep experts are always on hand to chat through your bedding options. And in the meantime, discover even more interesting insight over on the Ethical Bedding blog.


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