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How to care for bamboo pillows

Bamboo pillows are becoming increasingly popular across the country for a range of reasons, including the way they combine comfortable support with soft luxury. But one thing people often wonder about is how to break in bamboo pillows and care for them over the long term, to guarantee the very best experience. 

In this article, we’ve explained the benefits of bamboo, how to break in your pillows, and how to care for your new bedding to ensure long-lasting softness.


What is a bamboo pillow?

Before we begin, it’s important to establish what this type of pillow actually is. Put simply, bamboo filled pillows are a specialist type of eco-friendly bedding that contain a bamboo fibre filling (often blended with other materials, including recycled fibres). Compared to other types of pillows, such as cotton or down, bamboo is a sustainable and ethical choice that offers luxurious comfort for years to come. 



How to break in your bamboo pillow

Bamboo pillows are luxuriously soft and famously supportive, offering improved rest no matter your sleeping position. But, to start enjoying the benefits, you’ll first need to know how to make a pillow fluffy and plump:

  1. Carefully remove your bamboo pillow from its packaging. You may notice a slight odour coming off your pillow – don’t worry, this is called off-gassing and is completely normal.
  2. While totally safe and non-toxic, the off-gassing can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to the smell, so it’s important to let your pillow air out. Simply set it aside in a well-ventilated room (away from children and pets) and leave it overnight. By the morning, the smell should’ve dissipated.  
  3. Once the smell has settled, give your bamboo pillow a good shake to separate any clumps of filling that have formed. If there are any particularly stubborn areas, massage and knead your hands over the pillow. 
  4. Once you’ve shaken out most of the lumps and clumps, place your pillow in the dryer to further break it in. Just make sure to remove your pillowcases before drying, and spin separately. 
  5. Before turning on the dryer, throw in a handful of ‘dryer balls’. These are great at tumbling your pillow and help to soften them. If you don’t have dryer balls to hand, feel free to throw in balled-up socks instead. They won’t be quite as effective, but they’ll get a job done. 
  6. You can now tumble dryer your bamboo pillow, making sure to keep to a low heat (anything too hot will damage your pillow and the fibres).
  7. Finally, remove your pillow from the dryer and give it a final plump.
  8. Enjoy the soft and supportive feel of your new bamboo filled pillow, night after night.  


Caring for your bamboo pillows

Breaking in your bamboo pillows is one thing, but knowing how to care for them over the long term is just as important. Reading on, we’ve explained how to keep your bamboo pillows soft, how to wash bamboo pillows, and how to safely dry bamboo pillows without damaging the fibres. 


How to keep your bamboo pillows soft

After a period of use, you’ll eventually notice your bamboo pillow is flat, rather than the plumped up sleeping agent you’ve grown to love. 

However, there’s no need for concern, as this is completely normal and to be expected – so don’t start thinking about switching out your pillows just yet! Instead, you’ll just need to get into the habit of regularly plumping your pillows to encourage positive air flow; preferably in the morning, so it has the day to return to shape. 

If you find that your pillows have particularly lumpy and bumpy areas, even after giving them a good, firm shake, simply knead and massage the clumps away. 


How to wash bamboo pillows

Before you wash your bamboo pillows, make sure to first consult the label for specific instructions. Otherwise, washing your pillows is relatively straightforward.

  1. Remove your pillowcases, as you’ll wash these separately. You can spin your pillowcases on a low heat with mild detergent, but you’ll want to handwash your bamboo pillows. 
  2. Fill a bathtub or basin slightly with lukewarm water and mix in a non-toxic detergent. Avoid bleach at all costs, as this can both damage your pillows and cause skin irritation.  
  3. Carefully rinse your pillow with the warm soapy water, gently rubbing any problem areas around the outer shell until clean. Don’t submerge your pillows or wash the insides, as the filling will suffer if you try. 
  4. Rinse your pillow to remove any soap. You may need to rinse multiple times, to fully wash away all the suds. 
  5. Leave your pillows to air dry until completely free of moisture. Feel free to leave outside in the sun (more on this below).

Typically, you should only need to wash your bamboo pillows a couple of times a year (though, your pillowcases should go through a cycle every now and then), but you can extend the lifespan by simply using an additional cover underneath your pillowcase.

For more information about looking after other types of bedding, explore our guide on washing and caring for bamboo sheets.


How to dry bamboo pillows

Once you’ve washed your bamboo pillows, you’ll need to ensure they’re thoroughly dry before using again. While bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, lingering moisture can still encourage mould, which will quickly become detrimental to your health. The best way to completely dry out your pillows is to air dry them in the heat of the sun. Of course, this may not be possible, so any well-ventilated room will do instead.  


What are the benefits of bamboo pillows?

Just in case you need any more convincing, we’ve outlined below the main benefits of bamboo pillows


They support the body

Bamboo is exceptionally supportive, helping to relieve strain on your head, neck, and shoulders. In fact, at Ethical Bedding, our bamboo pillows are actually osteopath-recommended, and proven to ease pain. 

And of course, physical wellbeing contributes to consistent and healthier sleep, which inevitably boosts your mental wellbeing. 


Completely breathable

When sleeping on bamboo pillows, one of the first things you’ll notice (besides how soft and supportive they are) is the unrivalled breathability. 

The fibres used to fill your pillow will naturally encourage air flow, which allows you to enjoy improved sleep with proper circulation around your resting head. Not only can this reduce your rate of interrupted sleep, but you’ll also begin to notice how much easier it is to relax into your pillow on an evening.  


Temperature regulating

As well as being wholly breathable, ensuring consistent air circulation, bamboo pillows are also excellent at regulating temperature. This means you’ll remain comfortable, no matter the temperature or season. Whether it’s staying cool and saying goodbye to night sweats in the summer, or keeping cosy during the cold winters, bamboo pillows are the ideal sleeping solution. 


Bamboo pillows remove irritability

Wonderfully smooth and soft, bamboo pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning you have all the ingredients for a non-irritable night’s sleep. With the fibres resistant to dust, mites, and dander, say goodbye to evening sneezing or itchy skin, and instead enjoy immersive relaxation. 


Sustainable manufacturing 

Among the most notable benefits of bamboo pillows is their sustainable manufacturing. Because bamboo is a renewable and self-replenishing resource, there’s very little impact on the planet – especially when compared to other popular pillow types. 


If you’re feeling inspired to upgrade your bedding, discover our selection of high-quality eucalyptus silk sheets, duvets, and blankets. Or for even more insight from our team of sleep experts, head on over to the Ethical Bedding blog


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